Some of the sweetest spots around Sydney

So looking at the Sydney bee scene there are a number of great cafes and restaurants practicing urban honey initiatives.

Billy Kwong – Potts Point

Located in the vibrant Potts Point, Kylie Kwong is the owner of celebrated restaurant Billy Kwong, offering delicious Chinese cuisine. An advocate of sustainable eating, Kylie Kwong is an ambassador to the Wayside Chapel, sourcing fresh produce and using the honey produced from their rooftop beehives in her recipes.

Cornersmith Cafe – Marrickville

Located in the heart of Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West, the Cornersmith cafe provide a lively atmosphere in which to enjoy some great eco-friendly food. Working with The Urban Beehive, they have some rooftop beehives and offer producer’s nights educating on how to help the bees, and a chance to sample some of Sydney’s finest urban honey.

Petty Cash Cafe – Marrickville

Located a few minutes up the road from the Cornersmith, the Petty Cash Cafe provides an intimate and friendly local vibe, while supplying top quality homemade dishes and yes honey made from their very own bee hives.

The Wine Library – Woollahra

If you happen to be an avid wine lover, with an interest in sustainable urban beekeeping, then the Wine Library might be the place for you. Offering an impressive selection of wines, as well as their own rooftop hives.

This is just a taste of what Sydney local producers have to offer, but if it was enough to arouse deep seated beekeeping ambitions that have lain dormant, head on over and contact Doug Purdie, Sydney ‘Beevangelist’ at The Urban Beehive to get amongst a great community.



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