The Urban Beehive, and their bee-ification of Sydney

The Urban Beehive is a Sydney based initiative that places beehives on the rooftops of Sydney cafes and produces 100% city harvested honey. They are doing a great job working with the local Sydney community, and put together all sorts of courses, events, and products that work to expose and support the urban beekeeping mentality.

After visiting some of Sydney’s urban honey establishments (Petty Cash Cafe, and the Cornersmith Picklery) and talking to some of the lovely guys and gals who work there, it was clear how important the Urban Beehive is to knitting all of these places together and providing necessary expertise and guidance. They come around and install the hives, tap the honey and make sure the bees are all around happy to be there.

So hats off to the Urban Beehive, Doug Purdie and Vicky Brown, for all the great work they are doing to make Sydney a sweeter place.



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