Cornersmith in real time

So on my quest to visit as many cafes and bakeries that are part of the Sydney honey scene, I visited the Cornersmith Picklery, home of Cornersmith’s urban hives.

Honey in vials, for your sugar injection

Immediately greeted by three friendly faces, this quaint little store, that seems to double as a working kitchen, has a great homey vibe. They sell homemade preserves, condiments, pickles, and of course honey, with quite a large selection available. I can only attest to the honey, as being a relatively poor student, homemade, boutique, pickled vegetables don’t quite fit into my budget, but it is indeed fantastic. I’m not going to go into a whole ‘wine tasting-esque’ rant, but it is really tasty, and has quite a cool texture and flavour. Surprisingly different to store bought honey.

Raw honey from Sydney bees

Jars of pure, raw honey from the upstairs tenants

Just getting to chatting with a few of the helpful people there, it was clear that these guys are the real deal and were happy to answer any probing questions about the little bee operation that I had.

So if you feel even the slightest desire to get some nice pickled veg, or homemade condiments why not support a small Sydney business. They’re nice people.



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