A visit to Petty Cash Cafe

The second chapter on my tour of the urban beekeeping scene in Sydney takes me to the Petty Cash Cafe.

Similar to the Cornersmith Cafe, they work with The Urban Beehive in their beekeeping efforts, and are also staffed with friendly people. A nice, retro inspired cafe that’s parked right alongside Enmore Park, had a really homey intimate vibe, reminding me of a really cool small town diner that had somehow been transported into the Inner-West. Again the honey was prominently displayed (as it should be) amongst the tasty looking homemade treats.

Sitting down outside the cafe, watching the customers come in, and have a friendly chat over their order, it made me feel like I was seeing a part of the Sydney community I had never seen before. It seemed that the places who were taking on these community works, like urban beehives, were genuinely an important part of the community, and it was nice that in my pursuit of honey it brought me there.

Try the Snickers frappé, it was pretty good.



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